The history of Silvia Moretta Web Lab

Over my head white clouds pass through, graceful upon blue sky and fast as the wind pushing them back. One of them stays behind, comes off, the breeze stops and as a feather begins its fall towards the ground. With the elegance only its lightness gives, rests on each woman and for any of them strips itself of a layer, of transparency, of purity wrapping them around. For everyone her own gown. For everyone the expression of her soul. Tailored dress is poetry, elegance, lightness and research. It’s the ability to find a textile that strokes women soul wearing them. It’s accuracy of cuts and attention to details. It’s letting go to the verses inspiring clothes, just like a white cloud passing over our heads. Silvia Moretta Wed Lab starts from product knowledge to get to turn it into a unique and special experience, which focuses on the woman, her desires and her will to shine with elegance and lightness.